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23. Kaeffchen: Zero Trust

Highlights We discussed Zero Trust principles and touched HashiCorp Boundary. Restrict access to your internal websites on AWS with BeyondCorp Comments are really interesting: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=24901699 Zero Trust at GitLab: Implementation challenges (and a few solutions) HashiCorp Boundary Introduction Recording Enjoy the session! Insights Agenda Guests: Niclas Mietz, Michael Friedrich, Tim Meusel Next ☕ chat #24: 2020-11-03 - Agenda Bookmarks How I got hacked, lost crypto and what it says about Apple’s security. Read More…

Date published: October 28, 2020

6. Cafe: Grafana Tempo

Highlights We started with Goutham’s blog post Tempo: A game of trade-offs to get a better idea, with then going a bit into the basics of Tracing and Spans, reviving a presentation on OpenTracing and OpenMetrics and looking into the OpenTracing Specification. The blog post on Metrics, Tracing, Logging still sparks many ideas and we put that into context with Grafana Tempo, Loki, Prometheus and more. The hands on with Grafana Tempo Getting Started turned into trying out the docker-compose example as this has a demo app for generating traces inside. Read More…

Date published: October 28, 2020

Deploy VuePress with GitLab Pages

Sometimes you need a cool looking and searchable documentation. This is where VuePress and GitLab Pages comes in. There you can create your own documentation in lovely markdown files and host it for free. And with this guide you can setup it in under 15 minutes. What is VuePress? VuePress is a light weight static site generator made with Vue. It suits perfectly for documentation and provides a basic search (only headlines). Read More…

Date published: October 22, 2020

5. Cafe: HashiCorp Waypoint workshop

Highlights We started with some insights from last Thursday and a general introduction to HashiCorp Waypoint by Brendan. The CI/CD configuration is something Abubakar is working on for bringing Waypoint Docker images (pre-installed, useful entrypoints) into OOTB CI/CD template includes for Auto-DevOps. We then went to changing Brendan’s demo into using the new image - live in the session. Last but not least, we discussed the roadmap and future thoughts around Waypoint. Read More…

Date published: October 21, 2020

22. Kaeffchen: HashiConf Boundary, Honeycomb, OpenTelemetry & JaegerTracing

Highlights We started with a wild speculation on the new Hashicorp product to be announced at HashiConf. CI/CD pipelines, monitoring or something around Vault and security and compliance management? Spoiler: In the evening, we learned about Boundary being the latter. The discussion switched into metrics and tracing where David shared a Puppet blog post on collecting GCP info and system metrics for Honeycomb. He was so kind to live demo use cases for Honeycomb after reading more on OpenTelemetry. Read More…

Date published: October 14, 2020

4. Cafe: Jina.ai, an open source neural search framework in the cloud

Highlights Alex, Pei-Shan, Rutuja and Pratik joined for an introduction in Jina, an open source framework for neural search in the cloud. After a brieve introduction, we learned how to detect Pokemon images with then diving into the deep down technical designs. We’ve also learned about their roadmap and ways to start contributing. Recording Enjoy the session! 🦊 Bookmarks Repository Examples Documentation Contribute to Jina.ai Slack Insights Agenda Guests: Alex Cureton-Griffiths, Pei-Shan Wu, Rutujua Surve, Pratik Bhavsar, Niclas Mietz, Michael Friedrich, Michael Aigner Next ☕ chat #5

Date published: October 14, 2020