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14. Kaeffchen (KubeCon Special): Read, analyse, search, share - includes EC2, SSH, CI/CD

General Agenda Guests: Niclas Mietz, Nico Meisenzahl, Michael Friedrich, Mario Kleinsasser, Marcel Weinberg, Michael Aigner Next ☕ chat #15: 2020-08-26 - Agenda - GitLab Commit Kaeffchen - we will watch the keynote together! Highlights How to read, analyse, search, and share experiences with a live forum post, also shared on Twitter Amazon EC2 SSH keys in GitLab CI/CD related to Kubernetes secrets: base64 encoding ftw :) A taste of Austria and Germany: Dragee Keksi for Nico Recording Enjoy the session! Read More…

Date published: August 19, 2020

13. Kaeffchen: Events, community, social, education, how to google correctly, chaos engineering

General Agenda Guests: Niclas Mietz, Carsten Köbke, Michael Friedrich, Michael Aigner, Nico Meisenzahl, Mario Kleinsasser Next ☕ chat #14: 2020-08-19 - Agenda - KubeCon Kaeffchen Highlights KubeCon & Commit talks Socializing on events is missing Hallway tracks and open spaces to meet the community Education tracks Teach others how to get going Use case stories which solved real problems Learn the starting point of a problem solution The “Why” Story Add this to blog posts, docs, etc. Read More…

Date published: August 12, 2020

12. Kaeffchen: Taming the Vector wolve and a LUA transform deep dive

General Agenda Guests: Niclas Mietz, Carsten Köbke, Kevin Honka, Peter Rossbach, Bernhard Rausch, Michael Friedrich, Michael Aigner, Nico Meisenzahl, Greg Campion Next ☕ chat #13: 2020-08-13 - Agenda 22 members, 12 Kaeffchens, and so many ideas :-) Highlights Niclas tamed the wolve making it a nice live demo Running Vector and thinking about Loki with Tracing We could help improve the Vector docs for Label key-value configuration ❤️ Vector allows to use LUA for transform hooks Change into embedding languages into other languages (Perl, Python, Lua, Rust, WebAssembly, etc. Read More…

Date published: August 5, 2020

#everyonecancontribute Kaeffchen: Archive

Our website and blog came from the first iteration where we started with a Google doc, and then later moved to GitLab projects, issues and this website deployed with pages. This blog post summarizes everything which happened thus far and adds the archive for older Kaeffchens as well. The meeting notes are untouched and provide the raw impressions, typos included. Everything in this blog post covers our German Kaeffchen. We made the decision to chat in German/Austrian and document the notes in English. Read More…

Date published: July 31, 2020

GitLab Pages with Hugo: Add Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful way to analyse your website usage and unveil bugs and unexpected behaviour. Most often you just want to know how often a specific page is viewed and get some generic metrics. Setting up your website with GitLab Pages and Hugo is a breeze. Navigate to GitLab.com > New Project > From Template, search for Hugo and get started after the first deployment. After familiarizing with the structure and creating your first blog post, you can dive into more customizations such as adding Google Analytics. Read More…

Date published: July 30, 2020

11. Kaeffchen: Deep dive into log processing with Vector, Loki and Grafana in Kubernetes

General Agenda Guests: Niclas Mietz, Bernhard Rausch, Feu Mourek, Michael Aigner, Konstantin Wolff, Michael Friedrich Next ☕ chat #12: 2020-08-05 - Agenda Congratz Niclas for becoming a GitLab hero! Highlights Niclas started with a Go app explaining plain log messages and the benefits of structured logging Getting started with Vector Docker Insight: Context feature for remote SSH container control Kubernetes deployment with Apache, Loki and Grafana Generating access requests and debugging labels for Vector and why logs are not processed To be continued next week, with Timber too Recording Enjoy the session! Read More…

Date published: July 29, 2020