Everyone is welcome, everyone can contribute, everyone is unique and these are your strengths too!


Technology is moving fast, and often we want to try things but lack the time to. Best practices and learnings need discussion, or a live debugging session in a chat.

This idea formed the #everyonecancontribute coffee chat, one hour with a topic or theme. This can be a new project announced earlier, an introduction into a new OSS startup or learning a new technology or programming language together. This way, we learned about Terraform, Conan for C++, Vector, Loki and Grafana, Docker Hub rate limits, GitLab CI rules, QuestDB, Gitpod, CI/CD Security with Vault, first steps with Rust in Gitpod, Jina.ai, an OSS neural search framework, HashiCorp Waypoint, Grafana Tempo, Zero trust, Docker Hub rate limit mitigation, Puppet 7, Keptn, a control pane for CD in cloud-native apps, AWS re:invent macOS EC2 & Proton and so much more!

The first iteration was German, with more interest adding a second English iteration. Join us every Wednesday (except holidays) at

  • 4pm CET / 7am PT German Kaeffchen
  • 6pm CET / 9am PT English cafe

The sessions are hosted by Michael Friedrich, Developer Evangelist at GitLab in their Zoom and calendar.

Join our coffee chats

The recordings are available in these playlists:

Join the English cafe in Zoom

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Join the German Kaeffchen in Zoom

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Next to the weekly coffee chats, we share ideas and blog posts. The group is organized in two projects:

  • General for chat agendas, idea pitches and everything else.
  • Website for publishing content on everyonecancontribute.com

Please follow the READMEs in the projects for more details on the workflows.

Who we are

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Michael Friedrich @dnsmichi Michael Friedrich dnsmichi
Nico Meisenzahl @nmeisenzahl Nico Meisenzahl nico-meisenzahl
Niclas Mietz @solidnerd Niclas Mietz Niclas Mietz
Michael Aigner @tonka3000 Michael Aigner tonka3000
David Schmitt @dev_el_ops David Schmitt DavidS
Feu Mourek @the_FeuFeu Feu Mourek theFeu
Philipp Westphalen @Koala_Phil Philipp Westphalen Phil404
Marcel Weinberg @winem_ Marcel Weinberg winem
Nicolai Buchwitz @nicolaibuchwitz Nicolai Buchwitz nbuchwitz
Mario Kleinsasser @m4r10k Mario Kleinsasser m4r10k
Bernhard Rausch @rauschbit Bernhard Rausch rauschbit
Markus Fischbacher @rockaut - rockaut
Carsten Köbke @mikeschova Carsten Köbke Mikeschova
Moritz Tanzer @moritztanzer Moritz Tanzer tanzerm
Tim Meusel @BastelsBlog - -
Date published: December 7, 2020