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12. Kaeffchen: Taming the Vector wolve and a LUA transform deep dive


  • Agenda
  • Guests: Niclas Mietz, Carsten Köbke, Kevin Honka, Peter Rossbach, Bernhard Rausch, Michael Friedrich, Michael Aigner, Nico Meisenzahl, Greg Campion
  • Next ☕ chat #13: 2020-08-13 - Agenda

22 members, 12 Kaeffchens, and so many ideas :-)


  • Niclas tamed the wolve making it a nice live demo
  • Running Vector and thinking about Loki with Tracing
  • We could help improve the Vector docs for Label key-value configuration ❤️
  • Vector allows to use LUA for transform hooks
    • Change into embedding languages into other languages (Perl, Python, Lua, Rust, WebAssembly, etc.)
    • eBPF explanation: Kubernetes and Cilium
  • Thoughts on MFA, service users, ACME and webservers


Enjoy the session!

Here’s the intro.




Date published: August 5, 2020

Tags: Gitlab, Devsecops, Logs, Vector, Lua