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14. Kaeffchen (KubeCon Special): Read, analyse, search, share - includes EC2, SSH, CI/CD

Live Forum analysis and search


  • Agenda
  • Guests: Niclas Mietz, Nico Meisenzahl, Michael Friedrich, Mario Kleinsasser, Marcel Weinberg, Michael Aigner
  • Next ☕ chat #15: 2020-08-26 - Agenda - GitLab Commit Kaeffchen - we will watch the keynote together!


  • How to read, analyse, search, and share experiences with a live forum post, also shared on Twitter
  • Amazon EC2 SSH keys in GitLab CI/CD related to Kubernetes secrets: base64 encoding ftw :)
  • A taste of Austria and Germany: Dragee Keksi for Nico


Enjoy the session!


KubeCon Learnings

A taste of Austria and Germany


Date published: August 19, 2020

Tags: Gitlab, Culture, Events, Education, Google, Amazon, Learn