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8. Cafe: Keptn, an event-based control plane for continuous delivery and automated operations for cloud-native applications.


Alois kicked off with an introduction to Keptn and its idea on a control pane for continuous delivery. Developed at Dynatrace, it was recently contributed to the CNCF. Christian did a deep dive into the use cases with events, SLI/SLO/SLA observability in stages before going to production. He continued with a live demo with Keptn and CI/CD pipelines.

We’ve also learned how GitLab CI/CD pipelines integrate with Keptn into Dynatrace. Events and pipelines are actually traces, and allow you to ask more observability questions. Keptn helps with installing deployment pauses in a defined period of time, similar to deploy freezes in GitLab.

You can learn about the early stages of Keptn at Dynatrace. Ensure to join the Meet the maintainer: Keptn sessions at KubeCon NA next week.


Enjoy the session! 🦊

Cafe Notes


Date published: November 11, 2020

Tags: Keptn, Container, Cloudnative, Cicd, Kubernetes, Observability