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"Everyone Can Contribute" is inspired by GitLab's mission.

34. #EveryoneCanContribute cafe: GitLab 14 in a secret session

GitLab 14 is around the corner next week on June 22nd. We discuss upcoming features and changes. The second part dives into a hands-on session securing secrets with sops.


Enjoy the session! 🦊


  • GitLab 14 excitement
    • Terraform Module Registry + PyPI group endpoint
    • VS Code MR Reviews
    • Approval rules for code coverage (and in general)
    • Trivy as Container scanner engine
    • Wiki WYSIWYG editor
  • Release post items for the blog post
  • Secrets management with sops


Date published: June 16, 2021

Tags: Security, Devsecops, Cloudnative, Gitlab, Release