Everyone is welcome, everyone can contribute, everyone is unique and these are your strengths too!



This is the #everyonecancontribute cafe handbook with insights, infrastructure documentation and more.


  • ☕ cafe: Weekly get together in Zoom, streamed to YT, summary on the blog. Wednesday, 9am PT / 6pm CET. Join Discord to ask for Zoom invites.
  • Kubernetes: Workshop resources and deployment practice
  • Keptn: Collaboration on bringing Keptn, GitLab and Prometheus closer together with SLOs
  • 5 min prod app: Collaboration on the 5 minute production app from GitLab
  • Observability: Metrics, traces, logs playground



This website is built with Hugo and deployed with GitLab Pages. Blog posts and page updates happen as merge requests and are deployed with CI/CD pipelines.

everyonecancontribute.com is owned by Michael Friedrich, who also manages the DNS records and GitLab Pages challenge. everyonecancontribute.dev is available for future demos and experiments.

Blog posts

This is described in the project’s readme.

Cafe chats

Michael hosts the weekly coffee chats using his GitLab Zoom account as part of Developer Evangelism projects, and live streams the session to GitLab Unfiltered on YouTube (see menu header).

Common tasks during the session:

  • Monitor the livestream for comments
  • Create a Twitter thread from learned insights
  • Write the blog post, add the livestream URL



Michael maintains a Twitter list of all members who have a public account, this is linked in the website menu as single source of truth (SSoT).



Note: We have tried Twitter DM groups, Telegram groups and Gitter channels before. Discord is the next iteration.

Server: https://discord.gg/qgQWhD6wWV


The everyonecancontribute server has the following roles:

  • admin for group founders
  • everyone for everyone else




GitLab Notifications

The Discord server has configured webhooks for GitLab groups following the documentation:

GitLab Project Channel Enabled
everyonecancontribute/general #cafe-updates Setting
everyonecancontribute/everyonecancontribute.gitlab.io #cafe-updates Setting
GitLab Group Channel Enabled
everyonecancontribute/keptn #keptn -
everyonecancontribute/kubernetes #kubernetes -
everyonecancontribute/5-min-prod-app #5-min-prod-app Setting

Date published: February 23, 2021