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11. Kaeffchen: Deep dive into log processing with Vector, Loki and Grafana in Kubernetes


  • Agenda
  • Guests: Niclas Mietz, Bernhard Rausch, Feu Mourek, Michael Aigner, Konstantin Wolff, Michael Friedrich
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Congratz Niclas for becoming a GitLab hero!


  • Niclas started with a Go app explaining plain log messages and the benefits of structured logging
  • Getting started with Vector
  • Docker Insight: Context feature for remote SSH container control
  • Kubernetes deployment with Apache, Loki and Grafana
  • Generating access requests and debugging labels for Vector and why logs are not processed
    • To be continued next week, with Timber too


Enjoy the session!

Here’s the intro.



Date published: July 29, 2020

Tags: Gitlab, Devsecops, Logs, Vector, Loki, Grafana, Kubernetes