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1. Cafe: QuestDB: Introduction, Live Demo, AMA and Roadmap



  • QuestDB introduction, a high-performance Time Series Database
  • Live demo
  • Charts, clustering, memory management, scaling, roadmap


Enjoy the session!


QuestDB Demo Charts

  • Grid and chart views
    • Idea: Have PNG/PDF export
    • Embed charts into GitLab alerts and incidents
  • Code base: Java 11 primarily. C is only for IO.
  • Clustering with QuestDB
    • Column first ingestion and inserting simultaneously mechanism to be built
  • Roadmap for next year
    • Replication (for OSS)
    • Out of order. Currently the series needs to be inserted in order, this is good for historical metrics replay.
    • Roadmap on GitHub
  • Enterprise version
    • First year focus on OSS, Enterprise is planned at ~18 months
    • Pulsar as Open Core model.
    • Uses QuestDB as library.
    • Superlarge environments at scale.
    • UDP based replication for nodes closer together.

Date published: September 23, 2020

Tags: Tsdb, Metrics, Charts