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40. #EveryoneCanContribute cafe: Terraform and Helm Registries in GitLab

Niclas Mietz walks us through a Terraform module with Civocloud deployments, published to the GitLab registry. Philip Welz takes over.

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Enjoy the session! 🦊


The civo-k3s repository provides a minimal set of Terraform modules to provision a Civo Cloud Kubernetes cluster learned last week. Niclas creates the .gitlab-ci.yml configuration for Terraform, and uses additional scripts and jobs to package and push the Terraform module to the GitLab registy. An example module will invoke the runtime test in examples/main.tf.

Recommended for beginners: Start with 2 Git repositories, one as “producer” of the module, and one “consumer” which tests and installs the module. Refactor the Infrastructure code later into a monorepo when applicable.

Philip took over in the same repository, using the podtato head demo with a Helm chart. It got packaged, pushed to the GitLab Helm repository, and the application gets deployed using the helm cli command.


Date published: July 28, 2021

Tags: Terraform, Gitlab, Helm, Kubernetes