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Boost your productivity with raycast

Raycast is a productivity tool. It works very similar as Spotlight on MacOS, but on steroids. For a live demo, checkout the 10. Cafe recording. Here is a short quote from the Raycast presskit about their vision: Raycast is an app that provides developers with quick access to their tools. The app reduces the continuous context switching that millions of developers face every day with a command line inspired interface. Read More…

Date published: December 10, 2020

10. Cafe: Raycast, level up your productivity

Highlights Michael Aigner prepared a greated live demo into Raycast. He also contributed GitLab script commands for our daily workflows. Recording Enjoy the session! 🦊

Date published: December 9, 2020

27. Kaeffchen: 5 min production app & local Kubernetes development

Highlights We looked into the 5 min production app with VueJS and Google Skaffold for local Kubernetes development. Recording Enjoy the session!

Date published: December 9, 2020

26. Kaeffchen: macOS Big Sur & Tracing

Highlights We’ve shared the latest news from the week, including the macOS Big Sur update with then moving to tracing, OpenTelemetry and Honeycomb’s buildevents and how CI/CD tracing in general can be improved. Recording Enjoy the session!

Date published: December 2, 2020

9. Cafe: AWS re:invent try-out: EC2 macOS & Proton

Highlights AWS re:invent announced new products and we decided to try them out: Use Amazon EC2 Mac Instances to Build & Test macOS, iOS, ipadOS, tvOS, and watchOS Apps AWS Proton: A microservices/container deployment service Recording Enjoy the session! 🦊

Date published: December 2, 2020

25. Kaeffchen: Docker Hub Rate Limit Monitoring & Gitpod

Highlights We’ve talked a bit about GitLab, then jumped into Docker Hub Rate Limit monitoring and concluded with Gitpod tests for about.gitlab.com. Recording Enjoy the session! Insights Agenda Guests: Michael Friedrich, Christian Stankovic, Nicolai Buchwitz, Niclas Mietz Next ☕ chat #26: 2020-11-25 - Agenda

Date published: November 11, 2020

8. Cafe: Keptn, an event-based control plane for continuous delivery and automated operations for cloud-native applications.

Highlights Alois kicked off with an introduction to Keptn and its idea on a control pane for continuous delivery. Developed at Dynatrace, it was recently contributed to the CNCF. Christian did a deep dive into the use cases with events, SLI/SLO/SLA observability in stages before going to production. He continued with a live demo with Keptn and CI/CD pipelines. We’ve also learned how GitLab CI/CD pipelines integrate with Keptn into Dynatrace. Read More…

Date published: November 11, 2020

24. Kaeffchen: Puppet Insights - 7 preview, Learn, Remediate & Comply, Bolt, Puppetize Digital

Highlights Puppet 7 Release within the next couple of weeks. Preview: Nightly Builds Facter 4 written in Ruby again, no C++. Maintenance and contributions. Newer components: Ruby 2.7, postgresql 11+, default to SHA256 Environment caching improvements Learn Puppet Trainings in Germany: example42 Self-paced hands-on training: Learning VM and Learning VM video series Pupperware: docker-compose for a puppetserver and database Puppet Security products Remediate for vulnerability scanning use existing security scanners and integrations Execute fixes with Bolt Comply for compliance scanning Integrate with CIS manage profiles and baselines Puppet Bolt Puppet Litmus Puppetize Digital Recording Enjoy the session! Read More…

Date published: November 4, 2020

7. Cafe: Docker Hub Rate Limit: Mitigation, Caching and Monitoring

Highlights We went from a quick introduction of the Docker Hub Rate Limits into a thoughtful discussion round of whom is affected and how to mitigate further. Every CI/CD pipeline and job being run in a container is affected, and likewise deployments run in containerized environments such as Kubernetes clusters. Next to caching proxies, we will see a need for building and maintaining your own Docker images. Following the OCI specification, this needs a central repository hosting the Dockerfile definitions, CI jobs for building, tagging and pushing a local container registry, e. Read More…

Date published: November 4, 2020

RailsGirls Kumasi: Intro to Git & GitLab

Highlights Owing most of my career successes to the developer communty, I am alawys eager to give back. When the RailsGirls Kumasi (Ghana) reached out to GitLab for a speaker, I was eager to signup. Despite having challenges with Internet connectivity, which limited interactions with attendees, I was able to showcase Git and GitLab with a demo, while recording the session to make it available for the attendees to watch on-demand. Read More…

Date published: November 3, 2020