Everyone can contribute! Let's learn together in a weekly cafe ☕

We love to break things, make mistakes, debug, analyse, fix problems together. Live and unfiltered on Youtube.

Community members and thought leaders regularly join and share their projects and ideas.

"Everyone Can Contribute" is inspired by GitLab's mission.

20. #everyonecancontribute cafe: Securing Kubernetes with Kyverno


We are learning how to deploy and secure Kubernetes into Hetzner cloud in this series:

In this session, we change the perspective again and secure a Kubernetes cluster with Philip Welz.

Next week, we’ll explore more Kubernetes topics:

  • OpenID Connection of the API Server with Dex and GitLab and multi-tenancy with kiosk
  • Hetzner storage volumes
  • Monitoring with Prometheus, GitLab CI/CD deployments and much more :)



Enjoy the session! 🦊

Date published: March 10, 2021

Tags: Gitlab, Hetzner, Cloud, Terraform, Ansible, Kubernetes, Security